About MN Photography

As I share my love for photography, I wanted to branch my first website further by creating this page, focusing entirely around photography.

This page will be updated on some days that I’m free, when I have no college work outstanding, as I will be making sure to add my own photographical works to this page as best as I can.

With my photography skills being the best that they currently are, this will give me the chance to branch my original website out further, which will mean that this photography page will be the latest addition to my original page.

Please make sure to visit my first page, Mother Nature, as I currently showcase some of my own photography skills there, as well as some or most of the articles that I publish based on certain case studies, music reviews, and also where I publish my books.

To visit my first page, Mother Nature, please feel free to click here, or if you prefer, I have pinned a few related articles from my own website below, which will get you there quicker.

Until then, welcome to the official Mother Nature Photography page!!! I can’t wait to show you all the types of things I’ve got in store for this page.

Alex Smithson


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