I’m Back!!! Sorry for the long wait.

Hello everyone, I’m back!!! I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to commit to Mother Nature Photography much since I started it up as I had my college studies to worry about. It feels good to be back. Whilst I’ve been away from this website for some time, despite publishing articles on my currently used Mother Nature website, I have been making sure to take into account the amount of work I had to do, and thankfully, as I finished college for the year last week with a high merit grade and two certificates, this will now give me the chance to commit to Mother Nature Photography and also Mother Nature on a balanced scale.

As per usual, I will be making sure to re-live some of the photographical moments I have created over the space of the two years that I’ve operated my original website, Mother Nature, by doing another showcase of some of the same photos that I have already used on Mother Nature alone in Mother Nature Photography.

Also, whilst I’ve been away, I worked on my third book, which I had released exactly one week ago today, and over the space of 9 months, I have worked effortlessly to make sure that the book became a reality, and to much of my excitement, my third book: “My Journey Through a Lens” was finally released on Independence Day.

To your right, I have, just like I’ve already done on Mother Nature, added the Free Books section, which will be useful if you want to download the three books I have released so far from either website.

Aside from that, I feel absolutely glad to be back, but stay tuned, as I will be publishing another article before 8:00 PM :-).

Alex Smithson


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