Battersea Park: A Look Back on the Dusty Miller of 2013.

As I travel back to two years ago, when we had the scorching hot weather from the Summer of 2013, I have chosen to take a look back on another one of my most notable works from 2 years ago, and that is the Dusty Miller. After doing some research last year into this plant, I was taken by surprise as to how delicate the Dusty Miller was, though I was really pleased with the overall result that I had got with this particular photo overall.

This photo gives off more of a wintry appearance, even though it was taken during the Summer. Considering the fact that this type of plant has that wintry appearance, it also has a wide glow on it overall, given the fact that it feels like it is trying to glow in the dark, but instead glow during the day.

It is a beautiful, beautiful plant that I’ve seen before, and I was absolutely delighted to have taken this photo, because it can be used quite often now as an actual wallpaper, or either that, as a canvassed image. This photo has more of sentimental value to it, as it is another one of my best photos that I’ve taken, as it is the type of photo that once it is taken, it can’t be taken again in the same way that the original photo was taken.

Overall, my general overview on this photo is that I feel extremely pleased with the final result, as this is something that I have been able to call my own, and that no-one else can copy it at all, and pass it off like as if it’s theirs, when in fact, it isn’t.

If you want to at any time, please feel free to download the photo in full below, and even set it as your wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Laptop/PC, Android tablet or smartphone. Don’t worry, it’s free, and it always will be :-).

The Dusty Miller of Battersea Park

Alex Smithson


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