The Canada Goose of Kelsey Park | A Photographical Memory Worth Looking Back On.

Taken on the 31st July 2013, I took this photograph on what was my first camera, the Samsung SMART Camera, which weighed in at 16.1 Megapixels. Although this, at the time, was a good camera, it did come with a lot of sentimental value, as this photo was what would become one of my most iconic photos on Mother Nature.

Despite the scorching hot weather the whole of the United Kingdom had that day, I was eager to take some photos, a few of which that would give many of you the chance to see what kind of things I had in store.

I was really pleased with this photo, in particular, as it was a fantastic memory that I could take away with me and keep, as it would be one of my well-known photographical works that I had ever produced to date.

In spite of this photo, I was quite shocked, yet extremely happy to know that this photo would be something that I made, as this photo, despite being a little bit rushed ahead of time, I took this photo, and with surprising results, my camera produced this iconic and classic masterpiece, which made me become someone who has created something that will most likely never be produced again.

Thanks to this camera, I went on to produce some more notable works which would keep me going on publishing my articles for Mother Nature. Most recently, I have taken my photography skills to a whole new level, as I recently got a Nikon D3300 DSLR for my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course at Croydon College.

If you want to download the original photo of the Canada Goose, as seen in the featured image, please click on the image below to download it to your Laptop/PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Don’t worry, however, as any photos I upload, including this one, will always be free for download.

In it’s full, original form, here is the Canada Goose.

The Canada Goose of Kelsey Park - A Photographical Memory Worth Looking Back On.

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Alex Smithson


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